Sunday, October 9, 2011

Passionate about this topic

In my ideal world everyone would be so fortunate to lose their virginity with someone they have passion for. It's a moment everyone will remember, it's one of the many "firsts" people have. Sex is a taboo topic for many, which I respect. My best friend spat out her drink over a lunch meet-up when I told her about my previous retail occupation, which I talk a bit about later.

Passion is important. I don't think passion is a synonym for lust.  Passion, to me, means to have a deep love for something or someone.  But first hearing 'passion' and 'virginity' the two seems so distant. Virginity gets a bad rap, and it shouldn't.  Too many people rush into having sex. Which is their choice. But it saddens me when boys and girls out there feel pressured to lose their virginity to 'fit in', only to regret the decision. If you feel ready or unready- trust your gut and don't succumb to peer pressure because no one lives your live but yourself.

I realize that not everyone is comfortable talking about passion in terms of sexual activity. My old job involved the sale of "adult novelties" and it was actually a joy to help people find that passion again. They still had love for their partners, but the spark dimming. And apparently it's common enough to base a whole industry around to enhance and rekindle that type of passion. Just like how I feel that virginity should not be shamed, I don't feel like people acting on their sexuality-related passions should feel shamed.

Hope everyone enjoys the holiday weekend!

<3 Tiff

PS. Nikita is amazing! Love that show!<3


  1. haha, funny thing. Yesterday I kept checking my mailbox (I have penpals and am currently waiting for some letters) and I went up to my grandma and was like "why haven't we gotten mail yet?" and she was like, "Probably because It's a holiday." I responded: "What holiday?"

    Haha, I had no idea yesterday was Columbus Day. I haven't paid attention to that one since I had no school for that... so it's been like 4 years since I had that day off of school. HAHA.

    Short story... I felt like an idiot. =]

    Great post, Tiff. Oh and by the way, did you get the e-mail that Tracey and I had sent out?

    xo stephanie